As lovers of wildlife, nature and our planet, sustainability and protecting our environment are very important to us.

We promote Sedum roofs on all our buildings.

In addition to soaking up harmful toxins from pollution the plants in green roofs naturally absorb carbon dioxide. They are also key in supporting habitat creation and food production for bees, insects, birds and other wildlife.

Locally grown and processed

Where possible our buildings are created using Locally grown and processed Staffordshire timber. We can give you the exact location of where your timber started its story.

By your timber not travelling thousands of miles from unknown sources across the world, we massively reduce our carbon footprint, support local suppliers, local jobs, planting schemes and the management of local woodlands.

It also contributes to funding research into new methods of carbon capture in Britain.

Accessible Garden Buildings and Seating from sustainable sources
Tree Planting

As a company we plant a tree for every building sold. Team Nature also contribute to tree planting schemes across the West Midlands helping us to work towards our long-term goal of becoming a carbon neutral company in the future.